Construction Machinery
   R&D fields

Elevator and elevator control technology
Hoisting and lifting machinery, steel bar processing machinery, concrete machinery, concrete product machinery, decorating machinery, overhead working machinery, window wiping machinery, piling machinery, concrete distributing machinery, vertical parking equipment
Steel bar splicing technology, construction machinery safety technology, complete set of construction mechanization
Construction machinery and elevator testing technology
Satndard for construction machinery and elevators

Complete set of equipment for power plant cooling tower construction equipment

Rebar parallel threading machine

High speed multi-functional construction lift

Window cleaning gondola

GWC serial bar mesh welding equipment
HBC concrete contributing vehicle
Mechanical vertical parking equipment

Concrete building blocks production line

Specialized steel bar processing and distributing center

XYR18 full hydraulic caterpillar spiral digging driller

EP800H FM-AM-UHF vibratory pile hammer

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