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Engineering characters of soil and its testing technology
Foundation treatment
Pile foundation
Box and raft foundations for high-rise buildings
Deep foundation pit excavation and support
Upper structure-base-foundation interaction

The variable-rate leveling design, zoning anti-floating piling and pile tip and side post-grouting technology were adopted for the pile and raft foundation at the new site of CCTV.

The patented post-grouting technology was used for the pile foundation of the National Gymnasium project.

Crushed stone pile drainage strong compaction technology was used for the one million tons bulk storeroom of Qinhai Saline Potash Fertiliser with halomorphic soil foundation.

The patented technology of continuous-flight auger and reinforcement cage was used in piling engineering of Jingdongfang project, located in Beijing Economic-technological Development Area.

The combined ditch pile anchor foundation treatment, integrating nailed wall support and CFG pile, was adopted in the National Conference Center project of Olympic Park (Area B).

The composite structure with soil-nailed wall, support pile and anchor rods was adopted in the foundation pit support of the Commercial Mall project.

Advanced reinforcement of horizontal jet-grouting piles for the heat-supply pipeline project at the underground intersection of the north third ring road and Hepingli Subway Station in Beijing

Calculation and analysis of the reaction and the interaction of deformation for the foundation of Beijing Fortune Center projecr

Calculation and analysis for the foundation scheme of Beijing PetroChina Building

Design software for the foundation pit and slope support structure

The diaphragm wall and post-grouting technology was used for the deep foundation pit of the Headquaters of Bank of China designed with the software (left picture), which made the diaphragm and basement working together.

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