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Founded in 1953, China Academy of Building Research (CABR) is the largest and most diverse research institution in building industry in China. It used to be affiliated to the Ministry of Construction (MOC). Since 1 October 2000, it transferred from the public institution into a technology-based enterprise, affiliated to the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC).
As the largest comprehensive research and development institute in the building industry in China, CABR carries out its mission in catering to the needs of building and construction industries nationwide, putting forward solutions for the key technical problems met in engineering based on applied research and development, providing technical development and consulting services, and undertaking building design and construction activities. It carries out common, basic and public technical researches required in this industry. CABR is responsible for the development and management of the major engineering construction and product standards of China. It exercises quality supervisions and tests on engineering construction, air conditioning equipment, solar water heater, elevator and chemical building materials so as to promote the scientific advancement of the construction industry, to push forward the standardization of the engineering construction, to enhance construction quality management, and to make active contributions to the development of construction industry in China.
CABR has 14 research institutes (centers) and 77 laboratories, covering 70 research fields of building structure, foundation, earthquake engineering, built environment and energy efficiency, residential building system and product, intelligent building, building engineering software, construction mechanization, building fire prevention, construction technology, building materials and so on. In recent years, CABR has put more efforts on the research and development of green building technologies, application technology of new energy, disaster prevention and mitigation technologies, and intelligent integration technology, etc.
As one of the authorized units to confer Ph D. degrees throughout the country, CABR is capable to confer Ph D. degrees in 3 specialties and Master degrees in 4 specialties and has set up the post-doctor station in civil engineering. A perfect talent system with academicians of China Academy of Engineering and China Academy of Science, national engineering design masters, experts who have made great contributions to the country, experts who enjoy special subsidy from the State Council as well as many other talents majoring in research, engineering and management has been established in CABR.
After the transformation into technology-based enterprise, CABR, being market-oriented, has established 12 wholly-owned or holding companies, forming an integrated diversified development framework covering research and development, technical services, comprehensive design, planning, survey, quality inspection of construction engineering and product, R&D and production of high and new technologies and products, and engineering contracting as well.
CABR takes advantage of its complete superiority in technologies and focuses on the constant innovation in technologies, products and services for the construction industry, growing in strength greatly and achieving increasingly the economic benefit and social influence. It is aiming at becoming a large technology-based enterprise group, advanced in China and well-known in the world, with the mission of building our better future.
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